FOREX and CFD markets

The popularity that Forex has in the trading community, can be attributed to its easy access and high liquidity. Perfect Capital Markets provides a gateway to this market for beginners, as well as for experienced traders. The public awareness of currency trading is on the rise, with Forex being one of the most dynamic markets where anyone can make money! That is why Forex has been fortifying its positions, year after year with the daily turnover measured in thousands of transactions.

Stock and ETF markets

Modern technology and specialized software enables anyone, from financial institutions to individual traders, to perform stock exchange trading from any part of the world. Trading stocks and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) bring additional financing to the largest manufacturers and service providers, and worthwhile profits to investors * Risk disclosures . The market is easily accessible and attracts professional traders as well as newcomers, who are eager to try their luck at this particular trading venue.

Futures and options markets

Keeping in mind all aspects of our clients' best interests, Perfect Capital Markets provides the widest range of services, including access to the professional market of futures and options contracts and other derivatives. Since options and futures, as financial instruments, are derived from other instruments, the market they are traded on is called the derivatives market. Operations in the derivatives market can be very advantageous, thanks to the easily made profits and lower exchange fees.

Trading platforms

Experience industry leading execution speed with CFD & FOREX TRADING PLATFORMS provided by PCM. There is no last look, rejections or re-quotes. Access advanced charting, mobile chart trading and dynamic technical analysis tools. Get access to a range of trading instruments on the PCM Phone Trading App. Get the most out of trading with our advanced mobile chart trading functionality.

Share CFDs

Perfect Capital Markets provides its clients with the easy and convenient way to get access to the stock markets of the USA, Europe and Asia. Buying and selling Share CFDs (CFDs on Stocks) you get the opportunity to trade with a larger leverage and with minimum investments. This efficient financial instrument could significantly reduce your expenses for trade, allows to diversify risks, hedge positions in other markets, and potentially earn a higher profit both on rise and fall of stocks.*

Forex analysis and reports

Forex technical analysis is the primary method of predicting price behavior. It it based on the study of price trends. Perfect Capital Markets provides free access to the results of Forex technical analyses conducted by experts. Forex analysis serves as the basis for most decisions, hence its importance for traders. To conduct a comprehensive analysis you need to look over a large volume of information, examine charts at different time frames, and evaluate the behavior of indicators. Professionals use various mathematical models to improve the results of Forex analysis, obtain a better understanding of market events, and make predictions. This ability gives a substantial advantage over other traders.

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