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Using Charts

Perfect Capital Markets MetaTrader platform provides unlimited charting, with a variety of graphical and trading features. Some charts have been pre-set up on your trading interface, but you can change the symbol, time frame, chart type, and many other details. There are two ways to create a new chart:

  • In the "MarketWatch" window, right-click on the instrument for which you want a chart, then select Chart window:

  • The other way to create a new chart is by left clicking in your desired instrument in the MarketWatch window, and then drag and drop the selected currency pair or CFD into any existing chart window.

The chart below is a candlestick chart of EUR/USD, using 4 Hour intervals.

Notice that the right-click menu allows you to trade from the chart with “Trading”, change the Periodicity, or change the chart type (Candlestick, Bar, or Line) and other visual elements from the “Properties” menu.

Turn on One Click Trading to show the blue or red SELL/BUY buttons in the upper left corner of the chart. With One Click Trading turned on, you can buy or sell the currency pair with a single click on the corresponding button. This will instantly buy or sell the number of lots you have selected.

Located above the chart window are a variety of buttons which will perform various functions related to the charts. Hover your mouse over each button to see what it does. The button with the green “+” sign will give you access to a variety of technical indicators for these charts:

Detailed descriptions of each Indicator and its use can be found at

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